Equipment safety management of safety glass laminating vacuuming machine with EVA FILM

Equipment safety management of safety glass laminating vacuuming machine with EVA FILM
The glazier should be designated in charge of personnel, the implementation of the equipment installation, operation, and maintenance and personnel management. The glazier should ensure that all safety requirements are complied with.
Training to the safety glazing operator, the glazing operator should grasp the principle of equipment, maintenance and operation, fully understand the risk factors of equipment that can detect and avoid the risk of possible disposal. The glazier operators should understand the victims of electrical accidents and specific knowledge of emergency first-aid methods.
Glazier should be suitable to provide personal protective equipment, and regularly check the validity of these supplies.
The glazier should pay attention to monitoring the temperature of the workplace, if the temperature of the local laws and regulations standard limit, summer cooling measures should be taken to prevent heat stroke.
Equipment put into use, the suspended or re-opening after a major transformation, they should be tested, then the situation should be based on the work and the explanatory statement in the inspection of the seized equipment to ensure that the equipment continued to meet the safety requirements.
Glaziers should be on the safe use of electricity from the management, management of equipment, inspection and maintenance, shall take all appropriate precautions to ensure that when staff in the maintenance of absolute security
Glaziers should develop and implement plans for regular tests, annual temperature tables, over-temperature alarm device testing, calibration time.
Recommendation of the relevant extract from the statement of security requirements and security knowledge, into a permanent form of bulletin board, and indicate the date of issue, the display panel in the operation of equipment near the display, so the operator can at any time to obtain the necessary safety knowledge.
Recommended use the work of logs, continuous record of all that may be encountered errors, failures or events, as well as under the implementation responsibility is the maintenance of the glaziers.